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Privacy policy

MediaGlyphs project (MediaGlyphs.org, hereinafter referred to as MG) is committed to protecting your privacy.

We do not sell, trade or rent your information to others.

Your subscription information is kept strictly confidential. We occasionally send our subscribers e-mail messages with news about MG, but your email address and any personal data are never revealed or sold to other companies.

Any input typed in the edit, display and translation systems is your own personal and will not be published unless you explicitly desire to (as in contributing some MG sentences for others to read).

Certain sections of this site will log your IP address with the sole purpose of marking out spammers and those contributing fake translations.

Every text, translation or glyph explicitly contributed to the project, either by a registered developer or as a one time contribution, become integral part of the project. You hence implicitly agree with each contribution to 1) refrain from uploading/inserting any copyrighted material; 2) only contribute your original work or work that is in the public domain; 3) allow MediaGlyphs project free and perpetual use and distribution of the material according to its published Terms of Use.

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